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Your website is your identity online. Make your first impression unforgettable with our design.

Logo Design

Unlocking your brand’s digital potential with our captivating logo designs that leave a lasting impression.

Digital Marketing

Increase reach, engagement and conversion rates with our custom marketing strategies.

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Unlock new opportunities and grow your brand on social media. We’ll manage it for you.



Payment Solutions

Unlock seamless payment solutions with Dojo. Elevate your business with advanced card machines and boost your revenue effortlessly. We’ve teamed up with Dojo because they offer top-tier technology and boast the industry’s highest NPS score.

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Why Dojo reigns supreme in Payment Solutions

Dojo stands tall as the unrivaled choice in payment solutions across all sectors. Our commitment to excellence is embodied in three key pillars, making us the industry leader:


Top-Notch Customer Service


Transparent Pricing


Cutting-Edge Cloud-Based System

Our Benefits by Industry

We understand that your business is unique, whether you’re managing a bustling restaurant or on the move with payments. That’s why our card machine is designed to transform the way you work, providing tailored benefits just for you.

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Restaurants & Bars

The hospitality industry is tough enough as it is! We know you’ve faced countless hurdles, from increasing costs to fluctuating customer demand. That’s why Dojo is here to support you. Our payment solutions are designed to make your life easier, not add to the challenges. With features like integrated payments, real-time analytics, and next-day transfers, we’ve got you covered, so you can focus on what you do best – delivering exceptional dining experiences.

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Next Day Payments

Boost your cash flow with funds in your account from 10 am the next day – weekends included!.

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Seamless Service

Integrate our Pay at Table technology with your EPOS for smoother, error-free transactions.

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Bill Splitting Made Easy

Simplify a groups’ experience with our bill splitting feature. Fewer mistakes, added convenience.

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Gratuities Prompt

Increase tips with a gratuities prompt during payments, enhancing your staff’s earnings.

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Fraud Protection

Say goodbye to chargebacks with our rigorous fraud protection, safeguarding your revenue.

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Just A Phone Call Away

Our dedicated technical team is at your service, 7 days a week, from 8 am to 11 pm.

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In these demanding times, we understand the tenacity of the retail industry. You’ve navigated through various challenges, from evolving consumer preferences to market uncertainties. Dojo is your steadfast partner, dedicated to making your journey smoother. Our payment solutions offer a helping hand, not an added burden. With capabilities such as a unified online and in-store payment gateway, real-time retail insights, and chain-wide analytics, we’ve got your back. Let us handle the complexities, so you can concentrate on what you excel at – delivering exceptional retail experiences.

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Unified Payments Platform

Merge your online checkout and in-store payments into a single, convenient merchant account.

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Real-Time Retail Insights

Monitor sales and transactions across your stores in real time, empowering data-driven decisions.

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Chain-Wide Analytics

Dive deep into data, comparing sales trends across all your locations for insightful strategies.

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Seamless Accounting Integration

Our integration with accounting software ensures effortless reporting and less manual work for both you and your accountant.

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POS Integrations

Streamline your payment processes with our integrated solutions with 600+ partners, ensuring efficiency at every step.

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Always Connected with 4G Roaming

Don’t let downtime disrupt your business. Our 4G roaming SIM ensures you can accept payments even when your Wi-Fi falters.

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We recognize the resilience of service-oriented professionals like you, whether you’re a hairstylist, barber, beautician, or a dedicated tradesperson. We stand alongside you, committed to simplifying your path. Our payment solutions are designed to support, not complicate. With features like secure payment links, gratuities to boost your earnings, tap-to-pay convenience with the Dojo app, next-day cash flow, 4G roaming for uninterrupted transactions, and effortless admin, we’re here to lighten your load.

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Always Connected with 4G Roaming

Don’t let a Wi-Fi glitch disrupt your service. Our 4G roaming SIM keeps payments flowing.

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Boosted Tips with Gratuities

Elevate your earnings with our tip prompt feature, making customers more likely to leave tips.

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Tap to Pay on iPhone

Turn your phone into a card machine with the Dojo app, offering quick and easy tap-to-pay options.

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Next Day Cash Flow

Supercharge your cash flow with funds in your account from 10 am the next day, even on weekends!

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Secure Payment Links

Send safe payment links for convenient, contactless transactions, putting ease at your fingertips.

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Effortless Admin

Say goodbye to merchant receipts and complex compliance. With Dojo, it’s low to no admin, ensuring smooth operations.

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In these dynamic times, we deeply appreciate the resilience of event traders like you. You’ve faced an array of challenges, from shifting customer preferences to unpredictable market conditions. Dojo is here as your dependable companion, devoted to simplifying your path. Our payment solutions are crafted to support, not weigh you down. With features like seamless online and in-person payment options, instant transaction insights, and comprehensive event-wide analytics, we’re here to back you up.

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Tap To Pay on IPhone

Transform your iPhone  into a card machine using the Dojo app for swift, on-the-go transactions.

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Next-Day Cash Flow

Elevate your cash flow with funds hitting your account by 10 am the next day, even on weekends

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Lightning-Fast Transactions

Serve your customers at lightning speed with our efficient machines, reducing waiting times.

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Flexible Contracts for Your Terms

Customise your contract with one-month rolling options. Activate or deactivate your account as needed. Get extra machines for special events.

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Always Connected with 4G Roaming

Our versatile 4G roaming SIM ensures seamless payments, connecting to any network, even without Wi-Fi.

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Responsive Customer Service

Count on our team for dedicated, on-call support and remote technical assistance for quick issue resolution. Open 8am-11pm Monday – Sunday.